Chilling like a boss.
Princess used to get tired quickly in the summer heat so this was a normal sight.

Chilling like a boss.

Princess used to get tired quickly in the summer heat so this was a normal sight.

Tips for pulling on leash?


So when you raise guide dogs they encourage the dog to have a certain amount of pull so I’ve never actually had to teach loose leash walking. 

Some people do the thing where when they pull forward you turn and around and walk in the opposite direction so you’re basically telling the dog that if they pull you one way they’re gonna have to go a different way so eventually they stop pulling and walk politely. BUT I JUST DON’T KNOW. I’m sure my dog blog followers will have infinitely better advice. 

Sorryyyyy. (Google’s a pretty great resource too; just make sure you read multiple articles from different sources before you decide to try something.)

Questions :)

bonjourlegrandmonde tagged me in some questions so I thought I’d answer them since they’re good (and fun!) questions and you guys can get to know me more!

1) What is one chance you regret not taking? 

I tend to live more “I’m gonna regret not doing this” so I do it. If anything there are a lot of things I should take back but I have no regrets. I honestly can’t think of any chances I regret not taking. 

2) Left or right brained? 

Always considered myself right-brained but just pulled a left-brain act and took like 8 online test because one test is not enough for a conclusion. The tests were a mixture of 50/50, 40/60, and 60/40. So I’d say I’m towards the middle but more inclined towards right-brained considering I’ve chosen a creative field. 

3) Favorite season and why? 

Hardest question because I can explain why I love them all. So tie between winter/summer because I love to bundle up but also love warm sunshine and beaches.

4) Favorite clothing store? 

Shrug. I don’t care about clothing much so most of my things come from like Old Navy, Kohl’s, Target, Marshall’s, etc. Don’t really do name brands.

5) Introvert or Extrovert? 


6) Favorite recipe that’s not a dessert? 

I have an obsession with cooking mashed potatoes. Namely Colcannon. Google it. 

7) Favorite vacation memory? 

I sound so spoiled but I’ve literally been on too many vacations to properly answer this. Taking in the sun on Barceloneta Beach in Spain in December. Drinking shitty Guinness on the top floor on the Guinness Factory in Dublin. Spending a week on a boat at Culebra Island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Going to Disney World at 13 with all my cousins. Camping on Tybee Island last summer; so perfectly hot and miserable. 

8) Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? If yes, favorite song by her? 

Oh my god, yes. Hard to choose a favorite, but I’ll say “Haunted” 

9) What country are you from? 

USA (soft chant in the distance…usa…usa…USA…U.S.A.)

10) What’s something you admire about another country? Why? 

Hmmm, I studied abroad in Europe so I should be able to answer this. I admired how much the French don’t give a shit what you think. 

Did I answer that correctly?

11) Favorite singer/band? 

Constantly changing, but been Ed Sheeran for a while. 

"These humans think they’re so funny"


Stella and I really enjoyed going out to get the pictures for this week’s Mysterious Monday but we need more suggestions if it’s going to continue more than a few weeks!

So what do you guys want to see?

Mysterious Monday for mika-and-kylie (A beautiful Aussie dog blog!)

Does she climb? My girls love to climb on fallen leaning trees

She doesn’t necessarily love climbing but she climbs things that are in the way and can definitely climb. She has excellent balance. I found these trees over the weekend on the trails behind the apartment I just moved out of. We hiked these trails a lot during the year and a half that I lived there. I invited Stella onto them and she happily clambered up and stayed :)

(Mysterious Mondays are for you guys, my awesome followers, so reply to this post or send me an ask to make a recommendation. I’ll pick a random request every Monday!) 


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1) What is the happiest moment of your life?

Oh man. The day I Skyped with Amelia’s handler. I cried all the happy tears. Bonus: When I watched my best friend walk down the aisle two weeks ago. 

2) Of all your pets, which one do you share the closest bond with?

*Of all the dogs that have been through my life, I shared the closest bond with my first guide dog Amelia. Even though she’s now working, I still keep up with her life and love her just as much. 

3) What is your favourite breed of dog?

Rough collie! 

4) Why is your favourite breed of dog, your favourite breed of dog?

I haven’t worked with many breeds, but I love how smart, stubborn, and loving collies are. They always have big personalities and while very trainable still love to think for themselves. I prefer the roughs over smooths simply based on aesthetics. Love the beautiful long coats.

5) What is your biggest fear?

Honestly. Failure. Failing to find a job. Failing to support myself. Failing to succeed in my field. Failing yeah.

6) Do you have any pet peeves? 

Ignorance. When people make statements without researching to make sure it’s correct.

7) How many animals do you own?

Since I don’t own Stella…I currently own 2 fish.

8) Where would you most like to live?

Internationally, England actually. I studied abroad in Oxford and loved it. Within the US, I’d like to live in California.

9) What is your favourite film?

I literally studied film for 4 years and still can’t answer this question. The Holiday. And I’m gonna be a pretentious ass and say Tree of Life.

10) Do you have a favourite actor or actress?

Changes with the wind, but currently Dylan O’Brien.

11) What is your favourite TV show?

All time favorite show is probably Friends.

New questions:

1) What brought you to Tumblr?

2) Where are you located and how long have you lived there?

3) Favorite breed of dog?

4) What are some of your hobbies?

5) Have you gone to college, if so what did you study?

6) Favorite vacation spot?

7) Favorite thing about yourself!

8) Random fact, go!

9) What does a normal Saturday look like in your life?

10) Dream job.

11) Have you ever been on a plane, if so where have you flown?

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11 months of Stella.

2 months old to 13 months old. 

Hi! I just found your blog and its awesome how much you love your golden! Concerning the golden I have a question that may sound a little odd.. How do you do to keep their teeth white clean? I brush mine everyday with special dog toothpaste and brush but they are still yellow-y, specially in the lower part of the teeth. Thanks a lot and please say Hi to Stella :D

Hey there! I don’t do much for Stella’s teeth really. I also have a toothbrush for her that I remember to use maybe once a week. And I use a dental spray with about the same frequency. 

But I think the best thing for her teeth are her chew toys. She spends hours a day working her teeth on various Nylabones. Especially this one: image

We have like 3 dinos around this house. 

But I think her dental chews are what keep her teeth from getting yellow-y!

what happens to her in 3-4 months?

Stella will go IFT (in for training). I’m raising her for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind which is based in New York so she will travel to New York to begin her formal training to become a guide dog. 

How much time do you have left with her

My best guess is about 3-4 months. Around 16 months old and she’s almost 13 months. 

Favorite of the night.

Favorite of the night.

"Mom, there’s a BALL down there."

"Mom, there’s a BALL down there."

Atlanta Braves vs. Miami Marlins

July 23rd, 2014

Got invited to this game last minute but ended up having a fantastic night with my dad and Stella. 

Stella was a champ! Took everything in stride, behaved (showed off), and even managed to nap a little. 

It’s days like these that remind just how much she’s grown up and how little time I have left with her. 

How do you get such great photos of your pups?! As soon as Dan realizes I'm taking pictures, he turns away! Or on the other hand, he moves to much to catch him!

Hahaha, it’s a process! Stella has a good “stay” so we start there. 

Then it’s a lot like this video posted by kaedathebasenji. Weird noises. I wave treats and tennis balls a lottttt. 

Besides that. It’s just taking the picture quick enough. Or just doing action shots haha.